What is the Future of Usenet

Usenet has been available since the net as we know it, exactly what innovations would you possibly expect? Well the team at UsenetStorm have was able deliver Usenet access, though your web browser, for FREE.

UsenetStorm takes .nzb files and converts the data into downloadable content. nzb files are the typical files for Usenet, visualize them like .torrent files. They contain a number of files that are offered on Usenet, this is how the the site understands what to download. Sites such as UsenetStorm opens up the world of Software as a Service to Usenet access. Providing access to anyone who has a web browser. Usenet has traditionally been utilized through different complicated client programs, many of which are not free. With alternative protocols becoming web based, isn’t it time Usenet caught up too? Over recent years we have seen a cross over of applications becoming internet based, Google Docs being one primary example. Is this the time for Usenet to shed the old fashion clientele and catch up with the rest of the web ?

The concept of free Usenet is rather appealing to new users, who wishes to hand over private information before being able to taste the pleasures of Usenet? Perhaps for this reason Usenet has largely gone unnoticed for a few years, inspite of the bulk of content it is offering. Over 10TB’s included day by day, this is a great deal of files.

Free demos are well known in the Usenet industry, but most have weighty constraints on usage and will need credit card information to activate. This will put off a lot of people new to Usenet, but UsenetStorm gives you no cost access without registration, in a file locker type design.

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